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03 Nov 2017

2017 BGANZ Awards

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 BGANZ Professional Development Award (Value $2,000 AUD) has been awarded to:

BGANZ Member, Megan Hirst (RBG Victoria, Victorian Conservation Seedbank Officer). Congratulations Megan!

Megan’s project proposal includes’Testing the Horticultural Potential of Rare and Threatened Australian Plants’ in conjunction with experts involved in the Chicago Botanic Gardens Plant Evaluation Program. This proposal seeks to ‘engage these experts and demonstrate the value of ex-situ plant conservation in botanic gardens’.

We are also pleased to announce that the BGANZ Young Member Award 2017 (Value $500 AUD) has been awarded to:

BGANZ Member, Emma Bodley (Auckland Botanic Garden). Congratulations Emma.

The 2017 BGANZ/American Public Garden Association Scholarship (Value $800 USD) has been awarded to: 

BGANZ Member, Julia Watson (Auckland Botanic Garden)

The BGANZ Volunteer of the Year 2017 has been awarded to:

BGANZ Member, Brad Creme (City of Greater Bendigo) for work on the BGANZ website project within the BGANZ Communications Group.

BGANZ Council would encourage all members to look out for these Awards, and many other non BGANZ annual awards each year.

If you looking for professional development opportunities,  check in with our the BGANZ Career Centre page (under Resources) which has a list of Secondment opportunities or contact us directly for more information.

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