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Corymbia cadophora ssp. pliantha, Twin Leaf Bloodwood
Corymbia cadophora ssp. pliantha, Twin Leaf Bloodwood


Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand – BGANZ was registered as an Incorporated Association on 6 April 2004. The BGANZ Council conducts the affairs of the Association.

The Constitution states that the  Council  will have a maximum of 15 members and shall be comprised of:

  • One regional representative from each Australian State and Territory nominated by the regional group or groups in those Australian States and Territories in which such groups exist
  • In any Australian State or Territory where there is no formal regional group, one regional representative nominated by institutional members located in the relevant State or Territory
  • Two representatives from New Zealand botanic gardens nominated by regional group or groups in New Zealand
  • A maximum of two members nominated by the Capital-city Gardens
  • A Councillor-at-Large nominated by the representatives of Associate members and Individual members
  • The Immediate Past President


  • Represents the interests of botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand
  • Promotes the interests and activities of Australian and New Zealand botanic gardens and botanic gardens generally
  • Enhances the state of botanic gardens for the benefit of the community

The aims of BGANZ

  • Providing a forum for information exchange and coordinated planning
  • Fostering best-practice standards amongst Australian and New Zealand botanic gardens and other botanic gardens internationally
  • Being an advocate for the interests of Australian and New Zealand botanic gardens
  • Providing policy and legislative advice affecting botanic gardens
  • Advocating plant conservation and fostering the plant sciences and social and cultural heritage programs
  • Building and maintaining links with relevant national and international bodies

BGANZ Membership

BGANZ Members receive a wide range of fantastic benefits, including the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded institutions and individuals in your professional community. Join us to get cheap rates to our biennial congress and invitations and discounts to other regional council meetings and events. You will also receive subscription to The BOTANIC GARDENer, which is printed and published electronically three times each year. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to submit your own feature articles and news items for publication.

Join BGANZ today and begin networking with our broad membership base, which boasts national and international botanic garden and arboreta, as well as a wide range of institutions and associate professional bodies and groups (including Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), universities, local councils, garden friends’ groups and other organisations with an interest in horticulture).

Membership benefits Include —

  • Access to a broad, extensive database to network with your professional community
  • Professional Network working groups (eg. engagement, collections and record management network)
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Professional Development supported through BGANZ Prizes, Awards and Secondments programs\
  • Partnership and shared knowledge opportunities
  • Online forums, panel discussions and webinars
  • Early bird invitations and discounts to our biennial congress, regional conferences and other events
  • Botanic garden council advisory service
  • Use of the BGANZ website, social media and email to promote events, share news, advertise jobs as well as seek expertise and advice from other members
  • Regular email updates about training opportunities, scholarships and grants, job vacancies, special events and any other members’ news
  • Subscription to The BOTANIC GARDENer,online magazine published half yearly
  • BGANZ developed resources
  • Free promotional material as part of Botanic Gardens Day held every year on the last Sunday in May.
  • Significant reductions on Seasol products and Augusta Golf Cars
  • Cheaper and special car purchase offers

And much more!
Contact us for a BGANZ Membership Application Form

the BGANZ Magazine

The Botanic Gardener

The magazine for Botanic Garden professionals

The Botanic Gardener is an electronic magazine (also available in pdf) for the Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand. It is published three times a year, in March, July and November.

The Botanic Gardener – the magazine for Botanic Garden professionals – showcases best practice in Botanic Gardens across Australia, and New Zealand. BGANZ Professional Groups, BGEN, BCARM and BGANZ PD highlight their continuing progress through our Magazine.

The Botanic Gardener draws on the range of expertise and experience from our smallest Regional Botanic Gardens to our largest City Botanical Gardens. If its feature interviews, local and international garden features, or local staff and membership news that interests you then you should be on our mailing list so you never miss an edition.

Issues of concern addressed by BGANZ vary as current issues come to light and are discussed and examined. Issues such as plant conservation will continue to be ever-present sources of concern and action for botanic gardens.

Australian and New Zealand botanic gardens are playing important roles in both national and international conservation, and their holdings of living and preserved plants and seeds are an immense biological resource of information on plant biodiversity. The information sharing facilities provided by BGANZ for such issues have the potential to be of great benefit.

The often quoted statistic (Australian Bureau of Statistics latest survey 2003) that people visit botanic gardens more than any other cultural venues apart from cinemas, demonstrates the need for a body dedicated to representing the interests of these precious resources.

To submit an article for the magazine or make a general media enquiry, please contact us at

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