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02 Jul 2021

Australian Native Seed Conservation Sector Capacity Review

Invitation to participate in a review of the Australian Native Seed Conservation Sector Capacity Review by

  • Completing a short confidential online survey to further build the profile of the sector’s capacity.
  • Sharing this memo with your networks so others can participate.
  • Being interviewed by the review team, if you wish, to build a deeper understanding of your situation and the sector.

What is the review about?

Project Phoenix is a $5 million program focused on increasing native seed and plant supply to prepare for restoring bushfire affected and other valuable areas. Delivered by Greening Australia, it is funded by the Federal Government’s $50 million Bushfire Wildlife and Habitat Recovery Package.

Project Phoenix involves several scoping studies to our understanding of the sector and what can be done to strengthen it.

This includes a specific study to review the Australian Conservation seed sector’s seed and plant restoration capacity.

The study will build on the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Australian Native Seed Sector Survey

Report by

  • Extending the list of organisations involved in the Conservation Seed Sector.
  • Collecting further information on the capacity the Conservation Seed Sector holds.

Why participate?

To find out more please see the Australian Native Seed Conservation Sector Capacity Review Memorandum

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