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25 Oct 2022

BGANZ Awards 2022 announced at Congress

BGANZ Awards 2022

The objective of the BGANZ awards is to acknowledge the efforts, and contribute to the ongoing training and development, of BGANZ members through research or work experience with like organisations, which will bring a benefit to the applicants, BGANZ members and the wider industry.

Congratulations to both recipients!


Caitlin Abela – BGANZ Young Member Award

Caitlin, a horticulturist responsible for the Banksia Garden at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, has received the BGANZ Young Member Award.

She will use the award to gather knowledge, cuttings and seeds from other botanical institutions, especially those with WA Proteaceae or rainforest species.

Caitlin says, “I am eager about the possibility of connecting to the wider horticulture community. I take great interest in hearing and trying to understand the complex relationships between First Nations peoples and their land. I would appreciate receiving education from an Aboriginal Elder of a nation relevant to the plants I aim to conserve.”


Thomas Mehlhose – Professional Development Scholarship

Thomas, a Nursery Team Leader at the Kershaw Botanic Gardens Nursery in Rockhampton, has received the BGANZ Professional Development Scholarship.

He will use the funding to travel to the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan and Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney to undergo training in specific botanic garden nursery process and record management.

Thomas says, “I believe there is also much to be gained in developing these networks between our arid sub tropic regional centres and the more temperate major centres; particularly as our climates are set to change and we start having to redraw the habitability zones and water efficiency becomes more and more important. This is something I have a particular interest in and would like to contribute to.”



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