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Waratah, Telopea sp.
Waratah, Telopea sp.

BGANZ partner with PlantSnap

It’s never been more important to track plant species worldwide. This is a chance to create a massive, global contingent of citizen scientists. Let’s empower garden visitors worldwide to become citizen scientists in their own communities. — BGCI

In December 2020, BGANZ joined forces with PlantSnap and BGCI, alongside American Public Gardens Association on the Global Citizen Science Initiative. Actively driving the project in AU and NZ since February 2021.

Partnership Announcement

What is PlantSnap?

Dubbed “Shazam” for plants, PlantSnap is a technologically advanced, comprehensive and easy-to-use plant identification app.

With over 33 million downloads to date, it’s fast become a new and fun way for young and old globally to interact with nature in everyday life.

The app is a simple way for everyone to play a role in protecting and saving plants. Each photo snapped helps with learning, mapping and tracking of plants for future conservation projects and scientific research.

PlantSnap uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Technology to gather data from users and train the app to recognise plant species. The technology “learns” to recognize many types of plants from photographs that are submitted by users into the apps database.

Currently translated in to 37 languages, identifying over 103K types of plants worldwide, with over 650,000 + plants and 325 million+ plant images in a searchable open-source database, PlantSnap is world’s largest source of geo-located plant photos.

What is the PlantSnap Initiative?

Co-create world’s largest open-source database of geo-located plant photos

BGANZ member gardens are in a unique position to contribute plant database lists and associated images (if available) towards training the PlantSnap Mobile App AI in recognition of regional native plants.

Currently in the PlantSnap App most native Australia and New Zealand plants are underrepresented, as are any subspecies or hybrids or varietals.

Your Gardens plant data and image contribution to training the PlantSnap Mobile App will make a significant impact to the Apps capacity in identifying plants across our region.

PlantSnap can provide very accurate results, but it is also constantly learning and improving. The more photographs we can take to teach the app, the better the app becomes in recognising different plant species.

Fund botanic garden conservation initiatives

The more PlantSnap app downloads generated by this partnership, the more plant conservation projects can be funded, locally and globally.

Engage visitors to become Citizen Scientists for plant conservation initiatives

We can inspire and empower our gardens staff, volunteers, friends and visitors to become local (and global) Citizen Scientist.

A contingent of Citizen Scientists who are actively and directly engaged in mapping plants, helping build gardens resilience and contributing to local and global plant conservation.

Connect more people with nature in daily life

Give visitors a new way to explore your garden and learn more about your plants with PlantSnap, including full taxonomy, habitat, care, culinary and medicinal uses.

Using the app at the gardens and beyond in their daily life, visitors can continue their connection to the plant world, getting to know plants all around them.

Value to Gardens

Give visitors an interactive experience

Allow visitors to learn more about your plants and get detailed information about the plant’s taxonomy, habitat, care, culinary and medicinal uses.

Offer visitors an easy to use and accurate tool to identify plants

Help visitors to continue getting to know plants all around them, everywhere they go in their daily life.

Show people that interacting with nature can be fun

Guides, volunteers, visitors young and old can interact with nature in a fun way.

Understand how people use your garden

Discover where people spend the most time in your garden and learn which plants and which parts of the garden are most popular.

Understand more about your visitors

Receive demographic information collected through the app.

Help more people discover your garden

As users travel nearby, they receive a notification and information about your botanic garden on your featured PlantSnap page.

Connect with those who love technology

Give them something interactive to do as they stroll the garden and beyond.

Collect photos of your plants taken by visitors

Get access to PlantSnap’s entire repository of plant photos.

Contribute to funding plants conservation projects in Australia and New Zealand, and globally

% of revenue generated by every download of the app across AU and NZ will be donated to fund plants conservation projects in Australia and New Zealand. Additional revenue will be donated to plant conservation projects worldwide, through BGCI’s Global Botanic Garden Fund.


What’s Your Role in the Project?

Get involved, opt-in to the initiative

The initiative comprises of to two key components: Providing a Plant List + Promoting the App

BGANZ will work with you to provide your plant list to PlantSnap and later launch and market the app at your garden.

  • Let us know if you’d like to participate and/or need further information.
  • We will send a welcome pack with key steps outlined.
  • We will meet with your team online to get your Garden PlantSnap ready (plant data, onsite testing and app promotion).
  • Launch and market the app in your Gardens with support from BGANZ.

Be part of a global mission to conserve plants

We appreciate that across the network each organisations capacity and scope for involvement, will be different… we invite you to and encourage you to please get involved.

We will work with your advice on period and level of engagement, determined by your available time and resource.

Australia and New Zealand gardens working together with PlantSnap, BGCI and partners across the world will help to build an even more powerful plant identification and visitor engagement information tool.

The data collected by your organisation and Citizen Scientists you inspire will contribute to scientific research, improve plant conservation and preservation, and help build gardens resilience.

By joining in and contributing to the PlantSnap initiative you will help raises public awareness on the importance of plants and the role they play in our lives globally.

Learn more

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  • Freemium version: A free version of the app is the default version.
  • Pro version: Ad-free version for: $4.99 monthly; $19.99 yearly; $30.99 infinity.

PlantSnap is available on Apple App Store and Google Play

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