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Waratah, Telopea sp.
Waratah, Telopea sp.


Each party shall maintain the confidentiality of the other party’s information, in relation to provision of plant data and level of data which is available for public viewing.

PlantSnap ensures data integrity compliance: overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. Including safety of data in regard to regulatory compliance.

Taking images to assist machine learning

Please download Taking images to assist machine learning PDF information document.

Plant Collections

Should you encourage visitors to take pictures of plants even if they are identified and labelled?

Encouraging users to snap plants in your gardens help the overall algorithm.

Even if the plant has a plant label or some interpretation telling what it already is. Visitors can learn more information about the plant from within the app including full taxonomy, habitat, care, culinary and medicinal uses, to name a few.

Will the app still work if we don’t have great mobile reception or wi-fi service in all areas of our garden?

You don’t need a strong data or wi-fi connection to upload a photo. You can still snap a photo save it to your phone and upload later.

Within a gardens geo-fencing, who approves and reviews the plant photos taken against correct plant information, Plantsnap or our gardens?

PlantSnap has a team of Botanist and they screen and verify most photos.

Your organisation also has access and the ability to review and edit the information on photos taken in your gardens.

How are plants misidentified in the app and is there a recommended way to get the best results as a user?

The app provides a user with instructions on how to snap a photo for best possible results. There are three rules:

  • Only one species in the image
  • It can’t be blurry. Details matter\
  • Good lighting

Plantsnap presents a “top choice” and then other possible matches, especially in cases where there may be a large group of plants with conservative morphology (e.g. wattles, eucalypts). Improves with further training. Leaves and flowers are trained separately, which also increases accuracy.

Plantsnap uses the BGCI taxonomy as used in the PlantSearch and maps every known synonym to the Plantsearch accepted name.

Plantsearch currently has no taxonomic backbone but is working with various providers (World Flora Online, Plants of the World Online [Kew].

How does the picture link with the location? With GPS?

The picture links with the location through GPS. If you do not allow the app to know your location, the image will not be linked to the location.

Plant Lists

What if I have rare, endangered and/or valuable plants in my garden that I don’t want to appear on a PlantSnap query by a visitor?

You can take two actions:

  1. Ensure that if you are providing a plant list to PlantSnap that these plants are not included on the list.
  2. Since it’s possible that this plant’s information may already exist in the PlantSnap database, you can inform PlantSnap that you would like the identification of your rare or valuable plant blocked from the ID search return. Contact to coordinate this.

What does PlantSnap do with the raw data?

PlantSnap collects and keeps data so that scientists can use the data to chart when plants are blooming over time. Hope to use the app not just as an ID tool but to track things like changes in flowering time, plant movements (range reductions, weed spread).

When you upload a Plant list how does the app match the cultivar to that plant?

If the cultivar is not on the list, the cultivar would need to be trained in the app to verify it. If a cultivar is in a garden’s collection the app will be trained on it but many are very visually similar.

Are low resolution images adequate for ‘initial’ use in training the app?

Yes. The web and mobile quality images are adequate for training.

Should the Plant list be refreshed regularly, and any updates sent PlantSnap?

We suggest a periodic re-harvesting of the data in order to ensure recent re identifications and other name changes are reflected.

Can herbarium specimens be included?

Yes absolutely. Alternatively, Plantsnap’s algorithm would be able to detect and discard non-target images (e.g. herbarium sheets, seed).

Marketing and Visitor Engagement

Do you have a quick learn guide?

Yes, on the PlantSnap website there is a “getting started video” on

Can PlantSnap tell when people have been in the vicinity of some of our garden’s rare, endangered and/or valuable plants?

The aggregate data report available to you via your login will show where your visitors are spending their time in your garden. If you have particular security concerns about certain plants, PlantSnap’s database can provide more specific information on a case-by-case basis.

Can gardens customise plant information in place of general information?

Visitors can see general information as well as information you have added specifically about the plant, which helps you tell unique stories.

If a garden wanted to get users photos is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. The gardens have ownership of any images taken at the gardens. You will have access to a dashboard to pull down any images you wish to accession, with date, geocode etc.

What information will I be able to access from PlantSnap about app users in our garden?

Once you launch your campaign promoting the app to your visitors, in your dashboard you can generate and downloaded a report from PlantSnap the first week of each month, aggregating data for the previous month’s visitor usage.

Information will be aggregated to show user demographics, how many users took snaps, of what plants, where in your garden, and duration of time spent.

How do users register images to the gardens as opposed to the user taking the image elsewhere?

If locations services are on, then the app will know the user’s location.

Are advertisers vetted?

PlantSnap works with Google and uses filters, all ads will be plant-related and garden related. BGANZ doesn’t have any association with advertising partnerships.

To find out more and how to get involved visit the BGANZ PlantSnap Initiative page.