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Strelitzia reginae, Bird of Paradise
Strelitzia reginae, Bird of Paradise



BGANZ welcomes a small number of exclusive partners as it works to promote the aims of BGANZ, and its members, in 2018

BGANZ would like to thank all Partners for their ongoing support. Please support our Partners, click on their image and explore their website.



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Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Incorporated (BGANZ) offer a small number of Exclusive Corporate Partnerships and Advertising opportunities.

If you’d like to Partner with BGANZ, contact the BGANZ CEO, Eamonn Flanagan.

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Paid advertisements are offered at a standard rate of $100 per item. This enables placement in our e-newsletter and on our social media platforms including facebook and twitter.

BGANZ Council will accept Partnership and Advertising within the guidelines of the BGANZ Partnership and Advertising policy.

For more information contact Eamonn.


Waratah, Telopea sp.
Waratah, Telopea sp.