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Confidentiality Policy

Policy CP3 Confidentiality

1.1       Policy statement

BGANZ collects and administers a range of information for a variety of purposes. BGANZ acknowledges that it is obliged to undertake reasonable steps under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to protect the personal information it holds from misuse, interference, loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Some of this information is restricted in its circulation for commercial, privacy, or ethical reasons.

BGANZ will place the minimum of restrictions on the information it holds but will ensure that such restrictions as are considered necessary are observed by its staff and volunteers.

1.2       Scope

This policy applies to all staff, contractors, consultants, agents and volunteers of BGANZ. It refers to the information BGANZ holds when the information:

  • is commercial in confidence
  • concerns the privacy of its staff, volunteers, members or customers
  • requires protection to safeguard the intellectual property of the organisation.

1.3       Principles

  • Personal information is collected with consent and is used where the information is needed to provide services and meet compliance requirements.
  • Information is protected from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
  • Information not needed by BGANZ is destroyed or de-identified as soon as practicable in a way that complies with all legal and compliance requirements.
  • Reasonable steps are taken to ensure information is complete, current and accurate.
  • Personal information is only ever released if required by law, agreed to through the informed consent of the individual or if a person requests to see the sensitive data held by BGANZ in relation to the person.
  • Personal information will not be disclosed to other parties without prior informed consent.

1.4       Relevant legislation and policy

  • Privacy Act 1988

2.0       Procedure

This policy document is one of several key policies that are published on the BGANZ website.

The records management processes of the organisation shall incorporate procedures for designating information confidential.

Staff dealing with restricted material will be instructed in the recognition of material falling under the headings in Section 1.2 above.

Where BGANZ has contact with someone not previously known to the organisation, the staff member will inform the person of the existence of the organisation’s confidentiality policy and that it is accessible on the website.

Any information on which restrictions have been placed shall be as far as possible clearly identified on the document or file. Where categories of information, rather than individual documents, are restricted this restriction will be conveyed to staff and volunteers dealing with this information.

All staff are required to ensure objective, detailed, accurate and up-to-date records are maintained to meet legal, contractual and mandatory reporting requirements. All requests for correction are processed in conjunction with privacy legislation as soon as practicable.

Staff of the organisation, and volunteers dealing with restricted information, shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement (see Appendix A). All staff will be instructed in the requirements of this policy.

The CEO administers secure access to electronic records for all staff.

Complaints about perceived or suspected breaches of privacy will be dealt with using the Complaints Policy CP2 (due to be completed in December 2022).

3.0       BGANZ and Privacy Protections with Video Conferencing Tools

Prior to beginning the meeting, a BGANZ staff member will declare if the session is being recorded and the purpose of the recording (such as training or for attendees who were unable to make the session). Participants are then to inform the host if they do not wish their session to be recorded. At any time, participants can contact BGANZ to request that they stop accessing or storing the recording.