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26 Apr 2023

April BCARM Forum 1pm AEST 26 April

David has a wealth of knowledge and experience in forest pathology and entomology, the workshop will focus on the risks posed by exotic pests and pathogens to botanic gardens and examples of how they have been important sites for biosecurity surveillance and response. David will also discuss active monitoring and early detection as the key activities to reduce the risk posed by these agents along with hygiene and knowing what plant material is entering the gardens (e.g., do you have a quarantine area for new plants?). Please follow the link below to attend the workshop which will also be recorded.

David joined ArborCarbon in 2022 bring over 21 years’ experience as a forest pathologist / entomologist with work in the field of forest health research and surveillance within various Victorian government departments responsible for forest management (both urban, plantation and native forests), and within the University of Melbourne. David has worked as Senior Forest Biosecurity Officer with Agriculture Victoria as scientific advisor to the Chief Plant Health Officer and as Honorary Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne.

David has experience in investigating the biology and control or amelioration of biotic and abiotic agents that threaten the productive capacity of softwood and hardwood plantations and nurseries, the productivity, and ecology of native forests, and the control and monitoring of endemic and exotic pests and pathogens in farm forestry and urban forest landscapes

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To view a recording of this meeting, click here.

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