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conserving plants

Our Lives Depend On It

Plants are critical for life and botanic gardens are essential for us to be able to preserve, and learn about, plants. Botanic gardens are a wealth of knowledge that help us plan for a better future. Good plant selection is important for gardeners, farmers, councils, landscape designers and land managers of all kinds. It is a skill that children can be taught in school and that adults can pick up later in life. Help us conserve as many plant species, cultivars and varieties as possible today, so that future generations can use them in their schools, cities, gardens, forests and farms. Biodiversity is a gift to the future.


Contributing to a Greener World

conserving plants

Contributing To A Greener World

By taking a leading role in plant conservation, nature-based education, contemporary landscape design and outdoor recreational opportunities, botanic gardens continue to be institutions that are highly valued and respected by the public, governments and corporations.